The Farmers

This past year of 2012 we were pleased to welcome a number of full season farm apprentices and a farm manager couple.  Farming happens best as a team and this past year we were very fortunate in having assembled a great posse who brought their unique skills and talent to the job of raising the most nutritious vegetables, healthy herbs and beautiful flowers while building community here on the South Shore of Nova Scotia.

Camelia Frieberg is the co-founder of Pollination Project, a social enterprise that is the umbrella under which all of the farm activities and events take place. Camelia is a filmmaker and film producer, as well as the proud mom of Isaac and Adelaide. Camelia has served on the board of the South Shore Waldorf School and Kindergarten, the Nova Scotia Food Policy Council, BALLE-NS and is presently on the board of directors of the Jane Goodall Institute of Canada. In her spare time, she is also the farm manager of Watershed Farm and loves nothing better than being outdoors for long hours on the hilltop revelling in the glory of this place and the bounty it produces. This upcoming season of 2013, Camelia is looking forward to another great team of apprentices and WWOOFers and more time in the gardens with her daughter Addie who has a special talent with the flowers and the animals.