The Farm

Set on the South Shore of Nova Scotia on a drumlin hilltop with a sweeping view, Watershed Farm is home to an ever-evolving group of farmers dedicated to organic and biodynamic principles. We grow a wide variety of vegetables, herbs, fruits and flowers which we sell at two local farmer's markets (Lunenburg, Bridgewater), through our CSA (Community Sustained Agriculture) and to local restaurants while also supplying food for our own events and workshops. Each year we accept a small number of apprentices who work alongside us for the entire growing season as well as occasional WWOOFers, many of whom come from far and wide to spend a few weeks learning and working with us.

We use organic techniques, which means absolutely no chemical inputs of any kind; biodynamic principles inform our work and are increasingly being integrated into daily practice. The farm was previously certified organic with NSOGA and this season we plan to obtain our biodynamic certification. Most of our fieldwork preparation is done with the help of a draft horse and a very skilled friend, as is our woods work. Occasionally we rely on neighbours with tractors for turning in green manure crops. Our day-to-day work is done with simple hand tools.

Our soil is maintained and fertilized through crop rotation, compost, green manure crops, composted cow, sheep and horse manure supplied from a neighbouring farmer, as well as occasional truckloads of seaweed. Developing a self-sustaining farm fertility cycle is an important philosophical and practical goal. At present, a flock of laying hens, too many boisterous heritage breed roosters, a few heritage breed turkeys and some very amusing Indian Runner ducks are all free-range denizens of this hill top. Our small extended family of heritage breed sheep is growing and it seems that it may be expanding yet again as our young ram lamb has turned on the hormones. We have also recently added a handsome Border Leceister Ram and four pregnant Shetland ewes to our flock and are looking forward to seeing the offspring that result from these new additions. Like the chickens, the sheep enjoy the pasture which they graze on a rotational basis inside the safety of their portable electro-netting paddock.

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The property boasts a chicken house, a small orchard, two large root cellars, two irrigation ponds, a greenhouse and hoop house, twenty acres of pasture and a lower meadow. The remainder of the 250 acres consists of woods (Forest Stewardship Council certified) with a brook, a river and a pristine lake.

There are two strawbale buildings on the site. One is the large farmhouse where we sometimes share common meals and the other is a fully appointed cabin with accommodation for up to seven. Both buildings have housed workshop participants as well as WWOOFers (Willing Workers on Organic Farms) and farm apprentices. The finished barn contains facilities for a range of activities including a second dorm, a purpose-built workshop area used for yoga, film presentations and concerts, as well as a barn-like workshop space suitable for events like the Annual Stinking Rose Garlic Festival. There is also a small wood cabin used by longer-term residents. Once entirely off-grid, the farm’s wind generator and solar panels are now used in conjunction with NS Power.